Electronic Monitoring in the New England Groundfish Fishery: Lessons learned from a collaborative research project (2013-2015)

Chris McGuire Chris McGuire

Published March 30, 2017
  • In 2013 Maine fishermen, NGOs and an EM provider began a three-year EM pilot in the New England groundfish fishery.  The premise will sound familiar to others exploring EM: Accurate discard accounting is important for science and management, but is already costly, and is unlikely to get cheaper using only human observers—there must be a better way.

    The questions: Could accurate discard information (species and length) be collected using cameras in this fishery? What would it take to do that? And finally; could the price get driven down to a manageable level?  The short answers are yes; takes collaboration; and it depends. For all the details and some comparison data check out the full report.

    Open full report


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