Marine Instruments and Archipelago Marine Research Form a Strategic Partnership

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Published June 13, 2017
  • In a news release dated June 13, 2017, Archipelago Marine Research (AMR) and Marine Instruments (MI) announced they are now working together to enable ongoing advancement and implementation of Electronic Monitoring (EM) technology around the world:

    Marine Instruments brings a strong worldwide presence in the marine industry as well as years of technical innovation in marine electronics. Archipelago pioneered EM technology, and are recognized experts in the design and implementation of EM programs in all fishery types. This business arrangement allows for further advancement of EM technology throughout the world and increased adoption of EM as a viable solution for fisheries monitoring. The formal agreement was signed by both organizations in Victoria, BC, Canada on June 2, 2017.

    “The fisheries industry needs more effective and efficient monitoring,” explained Mr. Gabriel Gómez, Marine Instruments General Manager, “Our new arrangement with Archipelago Marine Research ensures we are meeting that need – now and into the future.”

    Complementary Skills Serve the Commercial Fishing Industry Better

    “The alliance allows each company to focus on our complementary strengths in a way that ensures high quality, cost-effective EM programs,” says Howard McElderry, Archipelago’s VP of Monitoring Technologies, “this is a big win for fisheries sustainability around the world.”

    A key element of this agreement involves the transfer of EM intellectual property (details on media site) from Archipelago to Marine Instruments. Marine Instruments’ expertise in research, design and high volume manufacturing of high quality marine electronics gives the industry a focused leader in EM technology to improve capability, increase production and reduce user costs. Archipelago brings their years of EM experience to work closely with Marine Instruments to help develop new products and create best-in-class quality products. Archipelago will continue to own and manage the development of its EM Interpret (EMI) data review software outside of this agreement.

    Together, Archipelago and Marine Instruments build on their reputations for excellence in the application of electronic monitoring technology in commercial fisheries worldwide and look forward to leading the EM industry into a new era.

    News release and accompanying materials at Archipelago website


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