Wide Range of EM Presentations Planned for August AFS Meeting in Florida

Brett Alger Brett Alger

Published June 26, 2017
  • At this year’s American Fisheries Society Meeting in Tampa, Florida (August 20th-24th), we are hosting an all-day session on Monday (21st) titled, Emerging Technologies in Fisheries-Dependent Science and Catch Monitoring.

    We are bringing together electronic technology experts, fishery scientists, managers and other stakeholders to examine how advanced technologies can improve future fisheries-dependent data collection. You will hear how remotely collected data (video images, global positioning systems, sensors), machine vision learning, big data, and reporting application technologies, can be used in fisheries science and management. Please note that discounted early registration ends July 8th.

    We hope you can join us. Please contact me or a member of our Steering Committee for more information!

    Steering Committee

    Brett Alger, NMFS, Office of Science and Technology

    Farron Wallace, NMFS, Alaska Fisheries Science Center

    Jane DiCosimo, NMFS, Office of Science and Technology

    Jennifer Mondragon, NMFS, Alaska Region

    Chris McGuire, The Nature Conservancy

    Carmen Revenga, The Nature Conservancy

    Erika Feller, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

    Presentation Titles

    Technology Investments for Tomorrow’s Electronic Monitoring Programs. Howard McElderry, Archipelago Marine Research Ltd.

    Electronic Monitoring in the Gulf of Mexico (GOM) Commercial Reef Fish Fishery. Carole Neidig, Mote Marine Laboratory

    Operational integrated approach to the deployment of Fisheries Electronic Monitoring and Reporting solutions onboard fishing vessels: Now and Tomorrow. Greg Hammann, Marine Instruments

    It’s All Connected. Morgan Wealti, Saltwater, Inc.

    Implementation of Electronic Monitoring in Alaska for Compliance and Catch Estimation. Bill Donaldson, NMFS Alaska Regional Office

    What you get for what you pay: A cost-efficiency analysis for catch monitoring in the New England groundfish fishery. Anna Henry, NMFS Northeast Fisheries Science Center

    Seatube, Satlink’s on Board Electronic Monitoring and Video Recording Solution. Chris Wilson, Satlink

    Machine Learning for Big Fishery Image and Video Data. Jenq-Neng Hwang, University of Washington

    Electronic Monitoring Data Suite: Using Commercial Vessels to Collect and Integrate Catch, Environmental, and Acoustic data. Mark Hager, Gulf of Maine Research Institute

    How a New Generation of Private and Public Instrumentation Can Benefit the Fleet, the Environment, the Scientific and Regulatory Communities. Liz Wiley, IOT Impact LABS

    Video, GPS and Mobile Phone Electronic Monitoring applications for rural small scale fishing vessels in developing countries. Alfredo Sfeir, Shellcatch

    Development of economical, portable electronic monitoring systems for small vessels operating in small-scale fisheries. Jacob Isaac-Lowry, FlyWire Cameras, Inc.

    Open Source Software Platform for Electronic Monitoring. Eric Torgerson, Chordata LLC

    Query Learning for Fish Identification based on Uncertainty Measure and Diversity Constraint. Gaoang Wang, University of Washington

    Intelligent Monitoring Systems for Fishery Applications. Farron Wallace, NMFS Alaska Fisheries Science Center

    Cloud and Machine Learning Technologies for Electronic Monitoring Data Processing and Analysis. Penghai Wang, ERT Inc.

    FishFace: Exploring the use of image recognition software in fisheries management, examples from Indonesia and the Western Central Pacific. Chris McGuire, The Nature Conservancy

    Accelerating the Development of Automated Fish Identification for EM Systems: An Example from New England Groundfish Benjamin Woodward, CVision Consulting LLC

    Tracking and Measurement of Catch Events in Stereo Video for Longline Fisheries. Tsung-Wei Huang, University of Washington


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