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Published October 11, 2017
  • PowerPoint: Intelligent Monitoring Systems for Fishery Applications

    The Observer program at Alaska Fisheries Science Center have been conducting research and development of new innovative electronic monitoring (EM) technologies to help address challenges for collecting scientific data to support catch estimation. Work focuses on development of new camera-based systems, methods, and tools while leveraging the latest development in computer vision to improve system functionality and offering potential solutions.

    Chute and rail based camera systems are under developed to support and improve EM data collection from both trawl and longline fisheries. The camera chute system is technologically advanced and currently assesses image quality, catch count, length measurement and species identification. This functionality is also being actively developed for the rail camera systems. Further development of automated event – based image capture systems is critical to improve real time reporting by reducing lag times associated with current monitoring and post processing methods. These systems will also offer significant cost savings associated with the collection, transfer, storage and analysis image data, which will allow for greater coverage rates to a wider range of vessels types and vessel sizes where it is impractical to place an observer. Intelligent monitoring systems will provide greater certainty for resource management and support sustainable fishing practices.



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