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Published October 11, 2017
  • PowerPoint: Seatube – Satlink’s on Board Electronic Monitoring and Video Recording Solution

    Satlink is a Spanish engineering company that develops technological solutions in collaboration with the fishing industry, NGOs and governments worldwide. These solutions support seafood traceability and manage, optimize and preserve fish resources.

    The Satlink SeaTube System is a cost effective on-board Electronic Monitoring (EM) and video recording solution for commercial fisheries. In addition to being a compliance monitoring system, SeaTube also allows the vessel’s owner to view vessel activity from a PC in the office.

    Satlink has teamed up with Digital Observer Services (DOS), an independent consultancy company and provider of EM services. DOS provides video review services as well as training and software support to organizations wanting to perform their own video reviews and analyses.

    The SeaTube EM system with support from DOS is being deployed in several scientific pilot projects related to monitoring commercial pelagic fishing. Satlink and DOS’s procedures, skills and expertise have helped to progress and improve EM technology by way of innovation, experience and close attention to the requirements made by various domestic and international organizations. The SeaTube System reduces observer review time, can be adapted to different types of fisheries management agency databases and enables useful data storage for future data analysis.


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