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Published October 11, 2017
  • PowerPoint: It’s All Connected- Saltwater Inc. Electronic Monitoring

    Technology has changed the way Saltwater does business – literally — from collecting fisheries data with onboard and shoreside observers to working with both observers and electronic monitoring systems.

    With EM, we operate at the intersection between fishery managers and fishermen, between policy and implementation, and between all the data one might want and what can be collected, reviewed, and stored at a reasonable cost. We design and build EM systems and software, install them on boats, train skippers, provide ongoing technical support, and review and analyze data. We consider it our job to continually look for ways to make the collection and use of EM data better, faster, and cheaper. More and better data increases the odds of good management decisions and better business practices for fishermen.

    We work in three main areas to achieve the goal of better, faster, and cheaper EM data: 1) implementation strategies and program design, 2) data collection options, 3) alternatives for data review, analysis and storage. In each of these areas, we will discuss current efforts and future opportunities to implement EM programs that provide data for fisheries management in cost effective ways.


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