New Report Highlights Challenges, Opportunities, and Cost-Modeling of Electronic Fisheries Monitoring Programs

One of the keys to effective fisheries management in the 21st century is accountability. Accountability requires having timely and accurate data. Electronic monitoring (EM) is gaining momentum in U.S. fisheries and abroad as an efficient means of meeting accountability requirements. Yet the ‘recipe’ for implementation of EM has not been perfected, and the price tag – and who pays – is not always clear. These challenges partly explain why the rate of uptake has been painfully slow, even as industry increasingly bears the brunt of human observer costs without any cheaper alternatives.

Recognizing the need to better understand the costs associated with EM, EDF’s Pacific team engaged a group of experts – Dr. Gil Sylvia, Dr. Michael Harte and Dr…. Read More »

Four New EM Program Summaries

In preparation for the 2nd National EM Workshop, we have just posted four new EM program summaries to their respective Region pages. They are:

  • Greater Atlantic EM Program Summary, November 2016
  • Atlantic HMS EM Program Summary, November 2016
  • Alaska Regional EM Summary, November 2016
  • West Coast EM Program Summary – November 2016
  • We are expecting 100 people at the workshop, hailing from all the NMFS fishery management regions. We have some folks coming in from Canada, and our furthest traveler is from New Zealand. I look forward to seeing many of you in Seattle, and rest assured we will post videos from the sessions here on EMInfo – just as soon as they are available – as well as a written summary of the workshop and sessions!

    Here is the agenda for the workshop: National EM Workshop Agenda, November 2016


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