Papers & Presentations

2015 AFS Symposium on Implementing Electronic Monitoring and Reporting in U.S. Fisheries (Papers & Presentations)

This symposium took place August 20, 2015 at the annual meeting of the American Fisheries Society, in Portland, Oregon. We’d like to acknowledge and thank the members of the Steering Committee that made this symposium a success. They are: Eric Brazer (Gulf Reef Fish Shareholders Alliance); Kelly Denit (NMFS); Erika Feller (The Nature Conservancy); Melissa Hooper (NMFS); George LaPointe (Consultant); Dorothy Lowman (Consultant).

Please review this EM Symposium Handout , which provides an overview of the event, a list of presentations, panel discussions and speakers, and abstracts of the presentations below.

This symposium was organized into three primary subject areas and the presentations below are organized accordingly. They are Data Management & Integration; Standards; and Process for Implementation.

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Covering All the Bases: Ensuring that Data Management Systems Meet User Needs

Michelle McClure FRAM Division, NW Fisheries Science Center, NOAA Fisheries and the IDEO Corporation with funding from the Moore Foundation

In Catch Shares and many other Fisheries Management Programs, timely and accurate data underlie many individual fishermen’s and management decisions, as well as scientific analysis of the consequences of those decisions.  The FRAM Division (NWFSC) maintains both fishery dependent and fishery-independent data for the West Coast Groundfish Fishery and is working to make these data as useful and as timely as possible.  We joined forces with the IDEO Corporation to evaluate user needs and ways to improve data management and delivery.  We identified four areas for short and long-term changes:  1) expedite delivery of observer data; 2) automate a system… Read More »