Experts for North Pacific / Alaska

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    Thomas Meyer
    NOAA Office of Gen. Counsel
    Thomas Meyer is the lead attorney who provides daily advice to the AK Fisheries Science Center Fisheries Mgmt. Analysis Division and its groundfish observer program.
    Rick Stanley
    Fisheries Consultant
    British Columbia
    Rick is a fisheries consultant with extensive international experience who was active in development of the EM-based fishery catch monitoring program in B.C.
    Dan Falvey
    Alaska Longline Fishermen's Assoc.
    Dan is a veteran commercial fisherman and a National Fisherman Magazine 'Highliner" award winner in 2011. Among many accomplishments, Dan coordinated a 2011 pilot program to operationalize video-based EM in Alaska's halibut and sablefish fishery.
    Sally Bibb
    NOAA Fisheries, Alaska Regional Office
    Sally is the Deputy Director of the Sustainable Fisheries Division, NOAA Fisheries, Alaska Region. Her work focuses primarily on development of regulations for observer coverage, record-keeping and reporting, and equipment operational requirements for catch monitoring and catch accounting in the groundfish fisheries off Alaska.
    Joe Sullivan
    Sullivan & Richards LLP
    Joe Sullivan is an attorney who works with fishermen and fishermen’s associations across a wide range of policy, regulatory and transactional matters. He has been a leader in the formation of fishery cooperatives and has played a key role in designing and implementing co-management arrangements addressing complex catch and bycatch issues.
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    Jennifer Mondragon
    NOAA Fisheries Alaska Regional Office
    Jennifer Mondragon is a Resource Management Specialist at NOAA Fisheries Alaska Regional Office. Her branch focuses on data quality and catch estimation in the Alaskan groundfish fishery. In this role, she has been involved in writing regulations and implementing programs to support catch monitoring, including implementation of EM for compliance-monitoring and as a catch estimation tool. Jennifer is also on the team that oversees an interagency electronic reporting system in Alaska.
    John Gauvin
    Gauvin & Associates
    John Gauvin is the Fisheries Science Director for the Alaska Seafood Cooperative. Through work for the Groundfish Forum, North Pacific Fisheries Research Foundation, and the Environmental
    Defense Fund, John served as the principal investigator for numerous studies. Two of these have included assessments of the feasibility and efficacy of using EM systems to monitor adherence to deck sorting and handling/discard protocols for prohibited species.