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EM in the Northeast – Groundfish »


  • Fishery: New England Groundfish
  • Geographic Scope: Waters off (list states)
  • EM Program Purpose: Discard compliance
  • Implementation year: 2016
  • Number of Participating Vessels: 20
  • Questions and Challenges:
  • Participation: The overall state of the groundfish fishery impacts the number of vessels interested in participating in the EM program
  • Cost: How will the system be paid for, long-term?
  • Confidentiality and record-keeping archiving: Fishermen have questions about confidentiality, ownership, and how long to retain video data
  • New England groundfish fishermen have been interested in using EM for a number of years. Their priority is to create a cost-efficient system that provides timely, accurate catch and discard monitoring…. Read More »

    2014 Survey of Southeast Region (South Atlantic & Gulf Councils) Updates »

    Since the National EM Workshop:

  • Final rules were published in December 2013 (South Atlantic) and February 2014 (Gulf of Mexico) requiring headboats to submit weekly electronic logbooks.  Previously headboats were required to submit paper-based logbooks on a monthly basis.  For more information go to:
  • SE Fishery Bulletin: Modifications to South Atlantic Headboat Reporting Requirements
  • SE Fishery Bulletin: Modifications to Gulf of Mexico Headboat Reporting Requirements

  • A final rule was published in April 2014 requiring seafood dealers in the Gulf of Mexico and South Atlantic to report purchases of federally managed species on a weekly basis.  These new reporting requirements will become effective on August 7, 2014. More information is available here .

  • In March/April 2014, the Gulf and South Atlantic Councils formed a Technical Subcommittee to begin development of electronic reporting requirements for… Read More »
  • Northeast Region »

    The Nature Conservancy and NOAA Fisheries convened a workshop May 7-8, 2014 in Portsmouth, NH to bring together diverse stakeholders to further regional efforts to implement EM in candidate fisheries. The workshop was well-attended, with approximately 90 fishermen, fishery managers, scientists, conservation organizations, and other stakeholders from New England, the West Coast, British Columbia and South Africa participating in the workshop.

    Participants engaged in breakout discussions to identify goals and implementation challenges for EM in the Northeast, and to brainstorm next steps to address those challenges.   The Workshop generated several recommendations for the New England Fishery Management Council and NOAA Fisheries, including:

  • establishing clear, achievable goals for monitoring;
  • drafting performance standards for EM;
  • developing a pilot study for EM in… Read More »