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Alaska’s Small Boat / Longline EM Program

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Published June 29, 2016

The Program at a Glance


  • Fishery: Alaska Small Boat / Longline
  • Geographic Scope: Southeast, Southcentral and Southwestern waters of Alaska.
  • EM Program Purpose: Discard estimation from EM video footage, validation of seabird deterrent gear deployment.
  • Pilot Project Implementation: 2014-2017
  • Anticipated Program Implementation: 2018
  • Number of Participating Vessels: Up to 60 in 2016 Pilot; up to 90 in 2017
  • Questions and Challenges:
  • Operations: How to estimate at-sea discards directly from EM video rather than through a logbook audit approach.
  • Operations: How to strategically deploy EM units on a fleet that operates over a wide area and for irregular periods of time to obtain good data
  • Operations: Developing cost effective deployment and data retrieval procedures
  • Confidentiality/record-keeping/archiving: Fishermen have questions about confidentiality,… Read More »

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