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Alaska Fish Factor: Preparing to go electric

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Published April 13, 2017

By Laine Welch, reprinted with permission, Alaska Fish Factor

Automation is coming to Alaska fishing boats in the form of cameras and sensors to track what’s coming and going over the rails.

Starting next year, Electronic Monitoring systems (EM) can officially replace human observers as fishery data collectors on Alaska boats using longline and pot gear. Vessel operators who do not voluntarily switch to EMS remain subject to human observer coverage on randomly selected fishing trips.

The onboard observer requirement originally included vessels 59 feet and larger, but was restructured in 2013 to include boats down to 40 feet and, for the first time, was applied to the halibut fishery.

“Those smaller vessels have had a hard time accommodating human observers so… Read More »

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2015 AFS EM Symposium: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Dockside Monitoring Using an Electronic Monitoring System in the Maryland Blue Crab Fishery

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Published June 29, 2016

PDF: 2015 AFS EM Symposium-Evaluating the Effectiveness of Dockside Monitoring Using an Electronic Monitoring System in the Maryland Blue Crab Fishery_H.W.Slacum


Self-reporting is a common method to document harvest, but the accuracy of reported harvest is uncertain without independent methods of harvest verification. General documentation errors, forgetfulness and intentional misreporting are common problems and can profoundly impact the accuracy of reported harvest. As mobile accessible electronic reporting systems become more prevalent they have the potential to improve the timeliness and accuracy of self-reported harvest. However sources of misreporting and incentives to misreport will continue unless techniques are in place to evaluate reporting accuracy and report compliance. Independent verification techniques such as at-sea observers, dockside monitoring and dealer reporting can be implemented to establish crosschecking and auditing of selfreported data and to increase incentives for industry to provide accurate… Read More »

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