2011-2015 Netherlands program in cod fishery

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Published September 4, 2016
  • Program period: 2011-2015

    Number of vessels in the program: 12

    Target species: Cod

    Geographic scope of the program: North Sea

    Equipment employed in the EM / ER:

    The EM system consisted of a GPS unit, up to four closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras, and sensors for measuring force on the tow cables and net drum rotation. All sensors and cameras were connected to a control box with exchangeable hard drives for data storage. The sensors were used to trigger the control box to start video recording during fishing operations. The cameras re- corded overhead views of the working deck and catch-handling areas, while fishing, hauling, and processing the catches. Sensor and GPS data were recorded continuously whilst at sea.

    Goals of the program:

    Provide insight into the effect of the landing obligations prior to implementation and investigate the effect of REM on fishing behavior

    Reporting agency involved in collecting, analyzing or storing the data:

    Wageningen IMARES, Institute for Marine Resources and Ecosystem Studies, Netherlands.

    Points of contact for learning more about the program:

    A.T.M. van Helmond: Edwin.vanHelmond@wur.nl