2010-2014 England North Sea program

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Published September 4, 2016
  • Target species: Cod

    Program period: 2010-2014

    Number of vessels in the program: 6-21

    Geographic scope of the program: North Sea

    A brief description of the equipment employed in the EM / ER:

    All participating vessels were fitted with REM systems supplied by Archipelago Marine Research Ltd (AMR). The REM system includes a GPS, sensors (drum rotation and pressure) and CCTV cameras. The data from these are stored on a removable hard drive for later analysis by onshore observers.

    Goals of the program:

    1. Assess CQM as potential for discard reduction
    2. Evaluate REM as documentation tool
    3. Assess CQM to control and reduce stock mortality
    4. Assess CQM to provide quality scientific data
    5. To test the operational use and enforceability of a CQM, particularly with regard to the use of REM as a monitoring tool.
    6. To estimate the effect of a sample rate of 10 per cent to verify compliance with the discard prohibitions for catch quota stocks, correct reporting of area fished and catch estimates.
    7. Assess REM to quantify the level of discards occurring for TAC, non-TAC species and by-catch.
    8. To trial and improve various methods of quantifying retained catches of catch quota stocks from CCTV analysis as a means of auditing catch records
    9. To carry out seagoing observer trips to obtain quality control data on retained catches for the purpose of assessing confidence levels in CCTV analysis.
    10. To trial satellite modem technology for the transmission of sensor data and remote monitoring system functionality.
    11. To trial improved remote monitoring systems and software which allow for increased numbers of cameras and sensors.
    12. To verify self-reported data on levels of undersized catch retained on board.

    Reporting agency involved in collecting, analyzing or storing the data:

    Marine Management Organization, England

    Points of contact for learning more about the program:

    Thomas Catchpole: thomas.catchpole@cefas.co.uk