2014 England North Sea program in cod fishery

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Published September 4, 2016
  • Program period: 2014

    Number of vessels in the program: 12

    Target species: Cod

    Geographic scope of the program: North Sea

    A brief description of the equipment employed in the EM / ER

    A brief description of the specific goals of the program:

    1. To review historic CQM and non CQM data to see if it is possible to detect changes in fishers behaviour in response to the different incentives created under a CQM system.
    2. To provide an insight into what extent avoidance of species is possible where quota is limited for a ‘choke’ species.

    Reporting agency or agencies involved in collecting, analyzing, storing the data:


    Points of contact for learning more about the program:

    Paul Dolder: paul.dolder@cefas.co.uk