2010 (and ongoing) Denmark North Sea & Skagerrak program

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Published September 4, 2016
  • Target species: Cod

    Program period: 2010 and ongoing

    Number of vessels and gear type in the program: 23

    Geographic scope of the program: North Sea and Skagerrak

    Equipment employed in the EM / ER?

    The system consists of a GPS (Global Positioning System), a hydraulic pressure sensor, a photoelectric drum rotation (winch) sensor, and up to 8 closed circuit cameras (CCTV; of resolution 480×720 pixels and adjustable frame from one to five pictures per second) providing an overhead view of the aft deck and closer views of the fish handling and discard chute areas (Figure 1). Further details on the technology can be found on Archipelago’s website.

    A brief description of the specific goals of the program:

    1. Collate and assess the data collected during the FDF trials
    2. Infer scientific observations from these data

    Reporting agency or agencies involved in collecting, analyzing, storing the data:

    DTU Aqua and the Danish Agrifish Agency

    Points of contact for learning more about the program:

    Clara Ulrich (DTU Aqua): clu@aqua.dtu.dk

    Heidrikur Bergson (Danish Agrifish Agency): heiber@naturerhverv.dk