2011 (and ongoing) Denmark Harbor porpoise bycatch program

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Published September 4, 2016
  • Monitored species: Harbor porpoise (bycatch)

    Period: 2011 and ongoing

    Number of vessels in the program: 9

    Geographic scope of the program: Inner Danish Water, North Sea and Skagerrak

    A brief description of the equipment employed in the EM / ER:

    All vessels were equipped with REM from Anchor lab K/S, including cameras, GPS and gear sensors, all connected to a control box where data was stored on two mirrored hard-discs. Video recording started when the vessel left the harbour (predefined mailbox coordinates) and automatically turned off when entering the harbour again, using the GPS signal to trace position.

    A brief description of the specific goals of the program:

    Assess by-catch levels of harbor porpoise using REM.

    Reporting agency or agencies involved in collecting, analyzing, storing the data:

    DTU Aqua

    Points of contact for learning more about the program:

    Lotte Kindt-Larsen, lol@aqua.dtu.dk