NOAA Issues Report from the National Electronic Monitoring Workshop

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Published December 12, 2017
  • A diverse group of nearly 100 stakeholders gathered in Seattle in November 2016 to share information on what is working – and what challenges remain – in the implementation and integration of electronic monitoring technologies in fisheries observation.

    This Second National EM Workshop was organized and planned by a steering committee of fishermen, managers, scientists, and fishery non-governmental organizations. It served as a follow-up to the First National EM Workshop, held in January 2014, which focused on encouraging the ongoing development of EM technologies.

    The workshop featured ten panel discussions, organized both by region (Alaska, Atlantic HMS, Northeast, and West Coast) and topic (Considering Costs; Data Quality, Storage, and Retention; Emerging EM Programs; Program Design and Implementation; EM Program Enforcement and Compliance; and a workshop wrap-up).

    The report includes:

    • A technical report summarizing the discussions and top successes, best practices, and challenges as identified by the individual participants.
    • A detailed transcript of the discussions and summary of EM program information by region.
    • Videos of the panel discussions.
    • A fact sheet outlining key takeaways from from the workshop.

    All of us associated with would like to thank the workshop’s steering committee and everyone involved in the preparation of this report.

    Download Second National Electronic Monitoring Workshop Report

    Links to overviews and written summaries of all the workshop panel sessions are available in the report itself, but we are also linking the panel videos here for your convenience:


    Alaska Regional Panel DiscussionModerator: Kelly Denit, NOAA Fisheries, Office of Sustainable Fisheries

    Panelists: Chris Rilling, Dan Falvey, Diana Evans, Howard McElderry, Nancy Munro
    Session Video
    West Coast Regional Panel DiscussionModerator: Chris McGuire, The Nature Conservancy

    Panelists: Melissa Hooper, Brent Paine, Lisa Damrosch, David Colpo
    Session Video
    Greater Atlantic Regional Panel DiscussionModerator: Dorothy Lowman, Pacific Fishery Management Council

    Panelists: Nicole Rossi, Geoff Smith, Ben Martens, MIke Russo, Amanda Barney, Mary Beth Tooley
    Session Video
    Atlantic Highly Migratory Species Panel DiscussionModerator: Chris Rilling, NOAA Fisheries, Alaska Fisheries Science Center

    Panelists: Brad McHale, Terri Beideman, Morgan Wealti
    Session Video
    New Kids on the Block: Emerging EM Programs and TechnologiesModerator: Ben Martens, Maine Coast Fisherman's Association

    Panelists: David Gloeckner, John Wang, Todd Phillips, Josh Wiersma, Farron Wallace
    Session Video
    Data Quality, Storage and Retention SessionModerator: Bill Karp, NOAA Fisheries, retired

    Panelists: Ben Martens, Brett Wiedoff, Tom Warren, Jennifer Mondragon, David Colpo
    Session Video
    Walking the Walk: Exploring EM Program Enforcement and ComplianceModerator: Bill Tweit, WDFW, NPFMC

    Panelists: Joe Sullivan, Mariam McCall, Mike Russo, Dayna Matthews, Bob Hogan,
    Session Video
    Program Design and ImplementationModerator: Kate Wing

    Panelists: Nichole Rossi, Mark Hager, Melisa Hooper, Dan Falvey, Kelly Denit
    Session Video
    Program Costs and Stakeholder Buy-InModerator: Randy Fischer, Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission

    Panelists: Jane DiCosimo, Lisa Damrosch, Chris McGuire, Claire Fitz-Gerald
    Session Video
    National EM Workshop Wrap-UpModerator: Erika Feller, National Fish & Wildlife Foundation

    An open discussion with audience participation, and featuring Bill Karp, Bill Tweit, Kate Wing and Randy Fisher
    Session Video




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