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A busy conference calendar as 2018 rolls on

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Published May 29, 2018
  • Three major events are coming up that our readers might be interested in. Here’s the lineup for June-September, and if you’re aware of others we’ve missed, please drop us a line!

    International Fisheries Observer and Monitoring Conference in Vigo, Spain

    Running from June 11-15, IFOMC is billed as “the premier international forum for working on the critical issues of fisheries observer programs, emerging monitoring technologies, and other approaches to fishery-dependent data collection and analyses.” The event’s primary sponsor this year is Marine Instruments, and the international steering committee roster can be found here. The conference program describes ten different panels or workshops devoted to monitoring issues.

    American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting, Atlantic City, New Jersey

    Slated for August 19-23, AFS 2018 will include a symposium chaired by Brett Alger, Electronic Reporting to Improve Catch Monitoring in Recreational Fisheries. The two-day symposium will convene stakeholders to discuss emerging ER technologies; data standards and program coordination; implementation challenges; and how new and existing recreational data can be integrated to support catch monitoring and stock assessments. The session format will be a sequence of talks followed by a discussion panel on each topic, with the intent to engage fishermen, invite them to attend the symposium, and participate on each panel.

    Here’s a complete list of symposia on the docket for Atlantic City.

    ICES Annual Science Conference, Hamburg, September 24-27

    From September 24-27, the International Council for Exploration of the Sea will hold its Annual Science Conference, and a session titled “Electronic monitoring and movement analysis in fisheries: applications of emerging science” may be of particular interest. Clearly there is a great deal of work going on, and a lot of interest in this area. According to Chris McGuire, one of the session’s conveners, some 40 abstracts were received for the session. They were winnowed down to 22 to be presented as talks and 13 as posters, and together they will describe projects in some 15 countries.

    Hope this summer finds you busy and happily occupied in your work!


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