Public fish – public data?

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Published October 21, 2018
  • A paper by Kate Wing presented as part of the Data For Good Exchange 2018.


    The ocean is a vast commons, covering two-thirds of the globe. Ocean fisheries provide almost 60 million jobs and a critical food source for 3 billion people (FAO, 2018). Despite the ocean’s importance, our data on ocean uses has historically been sparse and low-quality, particularly data for fisheries. The next five years will bring an inflection point for fish data, with the growth of satellite vessel tracking, on-board video cameras, and cheap sensors. Governments, fishers, scientists, and technology vendors are just beginning to explore the data and regulatory infrastructure needed to support this transition. This paper explores questions around accountability, ownership, privacy, and transparency where the ocean community seeks to learn best practices from other sectors as we develop solutions for the public’s fish.

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