Gathering Fishery-Dependent Data in the Digital Age

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Published March 3, 2019
  • From Kate Wing (@kwing, the databranch) comes this tweet, which we can hardly improve upon in introducing her latest project:

    “It’s a guide to digitizing fisheries data collection! It’s [finally] ready for your comments! Pls share with your favorite #fish manager.”

    So here is Gathering Fishery-Dependent Data in the Digital Age: A guide for managers and scientists.

    From Kate’s intro:

    Every day, more people are bringing digital data collection tools onboard fishing boats, from personal  mobile phones to systems of integrated cameras and gear sensors. For managers, scientists, fishers, and anyone involved in ocean conservation, this presents opportunities to bring faster, more accurate data into management. This guide is to help you think through which tools might make sense for your fishery, and what questions to ask before adopting them.

    Published under Creative Commons License 4.0 (hence, open source with attribution requirement) the guide breaks down the process into five steps: (1) Review your management objectives and data needs; (2) Make a data collection list; (3) Examine your fishery-dependent data list; (4) Map tools to data needs; and (5) Write up and evaluate options.

    Here’s that link again. Share widely.




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