More data for the money: Improvements in design and cost efficiency of electronic monitoring in the Danish cod catch quota management trial

Kim Diep

Published March 28, 2019
  • Highlights

    • Electronic Monitoring (EM) with video can measure discards with high precision.
    • Technical developments have increased EM reliability
    • Video audit time has been reduced via improved procedures and technical solutions.
    • EM is a cost-effective tool to ensure compliance with discard regulations.

    Abstract: Electronic Monitoring (EM) with video is a tool often mentioned to ensure compliance with fishing regulations while vessels are at sea. Since 2008, several trials have been conducted in the European Union on the use of EM. One of the largest and longest running European trials was the 2010–2016 Cod Catch Quota Management trial (CCQM) in Denmark. This paper reviews the methods and experiences gained from this trial, with focus on the last two years where criteria for video audits were expanded and major technical developments took place. The cost-effectiveness and potential of EM for compliance, management and scientific purposes is discussed. The present study demonstrates that EM is capable of high precision detection of non-compliance with a discard ban and that developments in the transmission of EM data allowed for a smoother and more reliable Monitoring, Control and Surveillance (MCS) system. Although further developments are needed, especially within the field of automated image analysis, we conclude that EM is one of the few feasible tools where fisheries information and compliance can be ensured under a Landing Obligation.

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