1fish2fish™: Full scale implementation of an electronic fishery data collection and reporting tool


Published January 3, 2014
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    Poster by: Shawn Stebbins, Archipelago Marine Research, Ltd.

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    Archipelago’s dockside monitoring programs are required to collect, enter and validate dockside landings data in a timely manner (within 48 hours) in order to meet contractual obligations and facilitate in season fisheries management activities required for individual quota fisheries.  Archipelago has developed a unique digital application (1fish2fish™) to capture and process shoreside fisheries observer data. This application has been implemented in all groundfish shoreside observer programs in BC successfully logging data at over 2200 commercial offloads in 2013.

    The application allows dockside observers to collect and enter electronic data in the field and automatically complete and verify the calculations required. This initiative has saved time on the dock and reduced the potential for data errors. It has also streamlined data verification and data transfer and improved Archipelago’s ability to meet our contractual data reporting obligations.


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