Creating Knowledge Using Integrated Electronic Fishery Information Systems—Concepts from FishTraxTM


Published January 3, 2014
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    Poster by Gil Sylvia and Pete Lawson, Oregon State University

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    Electronic fishery monitoring, observing, and more generically “information systems” can have multiple functions depending on their design.  Besides use for fishery regulation, these systems can have applications as “knowledge-based fishery tools”.   If comprehensively designed  they can utilize the same core data to serve multiple audiences, protect privacy, and share costs and benefits.   Fish TraxTM  ( and  is a recently developed electronic fishery information system designed to generate integrated and comprehensive data – and to translate that data into information and knowledge.

    Fish TraxTM was designed to support using data developed from small vessel operations for application in science, marketing, vessel operations, fleet management, resource management, and public relations and education.  This poster highlights the history of Fish TraxTM , its development and vision, goals and operational strategies.  Concepts from Fish TraxTM    will be used to highlight core issues vital for developing successful E-Reporting and E-Monitong systems including 1) collaboration, 2) concepts of fishing community,  3) integrated development, 4) need for standards, 5) applications for multiple objectives and multiple audiences, 6) creation of knowledge-based portals, and 7) sharing costs and benefits.


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