• Electronic monitoring is an exciting, emerging field in fisheries management with huge potential – and the pace of change is accelerating. This site is about developing a knowledge base, a community of experts, and collaborative communications for e-monitoring and e-reporting innovators.

    Here’s how you can be a part of this global EM brain trust!

    • To be included in our directory of practitioners, please send us your photo and contact information along with a brief paragraph describing your work. Our email is info@eminformation.com.
    • Write a column.  Emerging issues, new tech, challenges you’ve encountered or breakthroughs you’ve made – your colleagues around the world are interested to learn about you and your work. And yes, we will be happy to help with edits.
    • Send us your suggestions and constructive criticism! We launched this site on a shoestring budget, but we intend for it to be truly useful. If our web developer doesn’t nix your idea, we’ll do our best to accommodate your ideas!

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    Media interested in sourcing for EM-related reporting, please contact Scott Coughlin, (206) 228-4141, scott@fieldworkcommunications.com.

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    EM Information is a joint project of Environmental Defense Fund, Fieldwork Communications LLC, George LaPointe Consulting LLC, Lowman & Associates, and a growing number of EM & ER innovators from around the world. We welcome your questions and participation. Please reach us at info@eminformation.com.