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Webinar Video: Designing Machine Learning into EM Programs: Recent advances and insights from two regions

Kim Diep

Published August 2, 2019

In case you missed it, here’s the recording of our webinar which took place on August 1, 2019 2 PM EST. A big thanks to Brett, Farron, and Mark for their time and participation! We couldn’t get to all the audience questions during the Q&A section, so here are several of those, answered after-the-fact by our presenters: Supplementary Q&A .

Timestamps, for your reference:

Brett Alger, 1:34 Introduction to Electronic Monitoring in U.S. Fisheries

Farron Wallace, 14:30 Innovative Monitoring with the Alaska Fisheries Science Center and University of Washington

Mark Hager, 30:52 Building Efficiencies: Successes, Difficulties, and Recommendations from AI Development in the New England Groundfish EM Programs

Q&A Session, 52:00

We welcome your feedback & thoughts. Speaker-specific questions should be sent… Read More »

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EDF’s Smart Boat Initiative Releases Requests for Proposals to Engage in Technology Pilots

Kim Diep

Published May 1, 2019

Environmental Defense Fund recently released Requests for Proposals for four pilot projects based in the Western U.S. and Alaska. These pilots aim to demonstrate the efficiency, efficacy, and practical implications of various ‘smart’ technologies for solving common fishery challenges. Details of the pilots follow:

Underwater Smart Cameras to Enable Real Time Bycatch Avoidance

Point of contact: Christopher Cusack ( )Term: June 1st, 2019 to September 15th, 2019 with possible extensionFull RFP: [ link ]

  • Work with EDF and fishermen partners to design, implement, and test a set of AI tools and physical technologies to improve the automatic identification of real time bycatch in trawl fisheries
  • Analyze existing video footage to quantify the potential of an AI protocol to automatically identify salmon in the Alaska pollock fishery
  • Provide, install, and maintain… Read More »

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    More data for the money: Improvements in design and cost efficiency of electronic monitoring in the Danish cod catch quota management trial

    Kim Diep

    Published March 28, 2019


  • Electronic Monitoring (EM) with video can measure discards with high precision.
  • Technical developments have increased EM reliability
  • Video audit time has been reduced via improved procedures and technical solutions.
  • EM is a cost-effective tool to ensure compliance with discard regulations.
  • Abstract: Electronic Monitoring (EM) with video is a tool often mentioned to ensure compliance with fishing regulations while vessels are at sea. Since 2008, several trials have been conducted in the European Union on the use of EM. One of the largest and longest running European trials was the 2010–2016 Cod Catch Quota Management trial (CCQM) in Denmark. This paper reviews the methods and experiences gained from this trial, with focus on the last two years where criteria for… Read More »

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    NFWF Webinar on Electronic Monitoring and Reporting Grant Program Priorities

    Kim Diep

    Published March 5, 2019

    National Fish & Wildlife Foundation established its Electronic Monitoring and Reporting (EMR) Grant Program in 2015 to encourage integration of technology into fisheries data collection and observations, and streamlining of data management. Since then, grants totaling over $11 million have supported a wide range of projects to advance e-technology in fishery data collection and data modernization.

    NFWF will host a webinar on March 27 from 3 to 4:30pm to provide a review of past projects and priorities for the program. If EMR is in in your wheelhouse—or if you’re interested in designing new data systems or modernizing existing ones—this webinar is a must-attend. Even if you don’t currently have a proposal idea in mind, the webinar will spur some thinking.

    Wednesday, March 27th, 3 PM Eastern Register here

    NFWF’s partners in the EMR Grants Program include… Read More »

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    Big Data for Dynamic Ocean Management

    Kim Diep

    Published February 15, 2019

    Tools like EcoCast are helping pave way for fishermen and scientists to realize the benefits of “big data.”

    In an article by the Washington Post , “big data” is making strides in management and conservation efforts.

    Thanks to satellite phones and other advances in communication technologies, managers and regulators are able to quickly communicate “fishing forecasts” with fishermen on the water. By making use of the massive amounts of the government’s ocean data, scientists can help fishermen determine areas they should fish to catch their target species. Likewise, the same data can help fishermen avoid areas where there might be high bycatch.

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