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For-Hire eVTRs in the Mid-Atlantic

For-Hire eVTRs in the Mid-Atlantic

A presentation by Jason Didden, from American Fisheries Society meeting, 2018. This presentation describes development of the program that is now in effect, along with lessons-learned.

In the Mid-Atlantic region, beginning March 2018, vessels that hold Federal party or charter permits for species managed by the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council will be required to submit electronic vessel trip reports (eVTRs) for all trips carrying passengers for hire. These eVTRs must be submitted through a NOAA-approved eVTR software application within 48 hours of reaching port following the end of a fishing trip.

Vessels with Federal charter or party permits for Atlantic mackerel, squid, butterfish, summer flounder, scup, black sea bass,… Read More »

Comparisons of Recreational Self-Reported Fish Length Data Across Two Different Platforms

A presentation by Brett Fitzgerald with assistance from Kelsey Dick, Chip Collier and Luiz Barbieri; the Snook and Gamefish Foundation; South Atlantic Fishery Management Council; and Florida Fish & Game Commission. Delivered at American Fisheries Society, August 2018.

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