Meetings & Workshops

2014 National Electronic Monitoring Workshop

The National Electronic Monitoring Workshop was held January 8-9, 2014 in Seattle, WA.  The workshop was organized by Dorothy Lowman, consultant and Chair of the Pacific Fishery Management Council, who worked with a steering committee of managers, scientists, fishing industry representatives, and conservation interests from around the country.

See workshop videos and final report below. And for materials from the workshop’s Poster Session, please browse our Posters section.

The workshop was designed to get people from diverse interests, fisheries, and regions to discuss how to move forward with implementing electronic monitoring in federal fisheries from around the country.  The tone of the planning and workshop was: we know how to do pilot projects; energy now needs to be… Read More »

WCPFC E-Monitoring and E-Reporting Workshop, April 2014

This workshop was (and is) supported by a comprehensive website that contains workshop papers, delegation papers, presentations and information papers. Here is a summary report of the workshop: Chair’s Report-E-Monitoring and E-Reporting Workshop.

August 2016 – 8th International Fisheries Observer & Monitoring Conference, San Diego

Registrations Now Open!

Click here to secure your place at the 8th IFOMC 2016 Conference being held 29 August – 2 September 2016 in San Diego, California!

The International Steering Committee for the 8th International Fisheries Observer & Monitoring Conference 2016 invites all those interested in the sustainability of the world’s fisheries and how we monitor and manage them. It will be a forum where critical issues concerning fisheries observers, observer programs, emerging monitoring technologies and other approaches to fishery dependent data collection and analyses will be discussed.

2015 AFS Symposium on Implementing Electronic Monitoring and Reporting in U.S. Fisheries (Papers & Presentations)

This symposium took place August 20, 2015 at the annual meeting of the American Fisheries Society, in Portland, Oregon. We’d like to acknowledge and thank the members of the Steering Committee that made this symposium a success. They are: Eric Brazer (Gulf Reef Fish Shareholders Alliance); Kelly Denit (NMFS); Erika Feller (The Nature Conservancy); Melissa Hooper (NMFS); George LaPointe (Consultant); Dorothy Lowman (Consultant).

Please review this EM Symposium Handout , which provides an overview of the event, a list of presentations, panel discussions and speakers, and abstracts of the presentations below.

This symposium was organized into three primary subject areas and the presentations below are organized accordingly. They are Data Management & Integration; Standards; and Process for Implementation.

For information regarding this symposium,… Read More »