Supplementary Q&A from our August 2019 Webinar

Here are a few questions that we didn’t get to on our August 1st webinar, along with answers provided by our presenters after-the-fact.  Please feel free to reach out to them individually if you have additional questions or suggestions.

Presenters were Brett Alger (NOAA), Farron Wallace (NOAA), and Mark Hager (GMRI).

Q to Farron: There has been significant development of AI to identify fish through the NOAA Fisheries Automated Image Analysis Strategic Initiative. Have you investigated any of those products, which are currently available on GitHub.  If so, what were your experiences and reasons for developing a parallel track?

A: Our efforts are working in concert with the AIASI including VIAME . Much of AISI development work is for under-water imagery that… Read More »

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Webinar Video: Designing Machine Learning into EM Programs: Recent advances and insights from two regions

In case you missed it, here’s the recording of our webinar which took place on August 1, 2019 2 PM EST. A big thanks to Brett, Farron, and Mark for their time and participation! We couldn’t get to all the audience questions during the Q&A section, so here are several of those, answered after-the-fact by our presenters: Supplementary Q&A .

Timestamps, for your reference:

Brett Alger, 1:34 Introduction to Electronic Monitoring in U.S. Fisheries

Farron Wallace, 14:30 Innovative Monitoring with the Alaska Fisheries Science Center and University of Washington

Mark Hager, 30:52 Building Efficiencies: Successes, Difficulties, and Recommendations from AI Development in the New England Groundfish EM Programs

Q&A Session, 52:00

We welcome your feedback & thoughts. Speaker-specific questions should be sent… Read More »

Designing Machine Learning into EM Programs: Recent advances and insights from two regions

Please register today and join us for this August 1st webinar.

Commercial fisheries are moving to implement electronic monitoring (EM) for fishery-dependent data collection. Among the substantive barriers for broad-scale implementation, however, are the high costs of video review, transmission, and storage. Currently, EM programs rely on labor-intensive (thus costly) processes, and there is a need to improve the timeliness of data management associated with new EM data streams.

This webinar will examine advances in incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), provide some lessons-learned, and give insights on how to develop AI-friendly EM programs. Drawing on recent developments and examples from Alaska and New England, it will be of interest to fishermen, fishery managers, scientists, data managers, equipment and… Read More »

Invitation to EDF’s Smart Boat Webinar

The Environmental Defense Fund would like to invite you to participate in a webinar on Monday, April 22nd at 1:00 PM Eastern Standard Time to discuss the recent launch of our Smart Boat Initiative .

This webinar will explore our vision for revolutionizing sustainable fishing in the digital age, share lessons learned from testing technologies on the water and provide a glimpse into the Smart Boat Initiative’s next steps.

We are pleased to be joined by Katie McGinty, Senior Vice President of Oceans at EDF; Christopher Cusack, Research and Development at EDF’s Fishery Solutions Center; Johanna Thomas, Interim Director of EDF’s U.S. Oceans Program; and Captain Bob Dooley, veteran commercial fisherman. We will also have a discussion during the webinar and welcome participants to… Read More »