Practitioners in E. Pacific / U.S. West Coast

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    Dave Colpo
    Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission
    Dave Colpo is a Senior Program Manager at Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission. He acts as the Principal Investigator or provides oversight on a number of commercial fisheries related projects on the West Coast, Alaska and Hawaii. He has led the efforts on an EM pre-implementation study on the West Coast.
    Stephen Freese
    NOAA Fisheries, West Coast Regional Office
    Stephen Freese is chief of the West Coast Region’s Sustainable Fisheries Monitoring Branch and Acting-Chief of the Permits Branch. In conjunction with the Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission and the NMFS Northwest Fisheries Science Center’s Scientific Data Management and Observer Programs, Steve and his staff are responsible for the Pacific Groundfish Trawl IFQ Program’s Catch Accounting/Quota Share Systems.
    Richard Kang
    Richard is the Scientific Data Management Program Manager for the NMFS Northwest Fisheries Science Center in Seattle. His team is responsible for the development of the West Coast Catch Share Individual Fish Quota (IFQ) web database that went live on Jan. 11, 2011. Richard graduated from the Univ. of Washington with a BS in Forestry and Land Use Planning in 1981.
    Kate Kauer
    Kate Kauer
    (610) 745 5745
    201 Mission Street
    4th Floor
    San Francisco, CA
    Kate directs the The Nature Conservancy's California Groundfish Program, a longstanding engagement between TNC, fishermen and communities that aims to improve scientific understanding of fishery resources to drive better management decisions and better fishing practices. She works with fishermen to develop and implement conservation strategies across a 15-million-acre seascape. Kate manages the Conservancy’s portfolio of fishing assets, advises the quota insurance risk pool that incentivizes sustainable harvest practices, manages collaborative research projects (including implementation of EM), and executed a fishing asset divestiture strategy that transferred ownership of TNC's fishing rights to port communities. Kate holds a BA in biology from Dartmouth College and a Masters in Environmental Science and Management from the Bren School at UCSB.
    Howard McElderry
    Archipelago Marine Research
    Howard is a founding member of Archipelago Marine Research Ltd. He has played a key role in the development of at-sea and shore based monitoring programs, a crucial component to BC commercial groundfish fisheries. Over the past decade Howard has led the development of technology-based approaches to fishery EM programs in many different regions.
    Alan Perzanowski
    Alan Perzanowski
    Saltwater Inc.
    Alan Perzanowski, manages Saltwater’s EM efforts with the Alaska and West Coast fleets, carrying out system installations, field services, and data processing in multiple fisheries. Alan joined Saltwater in 2012 as an observer in the West Coast groundfish program, and worked as West Coast Field Coordinator before moving to the EM team.
    Shawn Stebbins
    Archipelago Marine Research
    Shawn Stebbins is president and CEO of Archipelago Marine Research. Shawn’s work is dedicated to developing, implementing, and managing a broad range of fishery monitoring programs. He has taken a leadership role in working with fishermen, industry organizations, regulators, science organizations and NGOs in the pursuit of data collection and reporting systems that support the development of sustainable fisheries.
    Joe Sullivan
    Sullivan & Richards LLP
    (206) 995-8286
    Joe Sullivan is an attorney who works with fishermen and fishermen’s associations across a wide range of policy, regulatory and transactional matters. He has been a leader in the formation of fishery co-ops in the Bering Sea and Pacific Coast groundfish fisheries and the Bering Sea crab fishery, and has played a key role in designing and implementing co-management arrangements addressing complex catch and bycatch issues.
    Gil Sylvia, PhD.
    Gil Sylvia is a Marine Resource Economist, Director of the Coastal Oregon Marine Experiment Station (COMES) and Professor in the Department of Applied Economics at Oregon State University. He is also presently chairman of TraxTM Systems, Inc. , a private non-profit corporation dedicated to research and development of eFIS systems.
    Bruce Turris
    Pacific Fisheries Management Inc.
    Bruce provides policy advice, strategic planning and management services to clients such as commercial fishing associations, government agencies and environmental organizations.He has been active in the field for 30 years, involved in the design, development and implementation of cooperative and shared management and monitoring arrangements in fisheries throughout North America.

    Courtney Paiva
    Project Manager
    Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission
    Courtney Paiva is the Project Manager for the Electronic Monitoring Program at Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission. Courtney began working as part of the EM team in 2013 as a data imagery reviewer, and she now manages the day-to-day of the program. She has experience as a fisheries observer in New England, and earned her BSc in Marine Biology from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.