Practitioners in Europe

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    Dr. Amos Barkai
    Work SA: 27 21 7024111
    Mobile SA: 082 8082276
    Dr Barkai is the CEO of Olrac SPS (offices in South Africa and Europe), and developer of the Olrac eLog system, a data logging and data management solution for vessels. It includes a vessel unit named Olrac DDL and a web-based fleet management unit named Olrac DDM. Olrac eLog is used by hundreds of vessels around the world. Olrac SPS has also developed a software solution that allows EM technology to be fully integrated with the Olrac eLog, allowing EM technology to be used to audit electronic reports sent by fishermen, significantly increasing report credibility.

    Jason Bryan
    +47 9740.3688
    Jason Bryan is a Project Manager at Archipelago Marine Research Ltd. Since 2010, he has designed and managed CCTV-based fisheries-monitoring programs for commercial fisheries and industry regulators throughout Europe, North America and the Antarctic. Presently, Jason is based in Norway.
    Grant Course
    Grant Course
    SeaScope Fisheries Research Ltd.
    Tel: +44 1461 700309
    Grant Course is Research Manager and a Director of SeaScope Fisheries Research based in the United Kingdom. He has worked in fisheries research since 1993 and specialised in discard monitoring programmes. Initially this was through designing and managing the UK at sea DCF Observer programme with Cefas, but more recently through the English Catch Quota Trials utilising Electronic Monitoring and CCTV. In 2014, he left government and set up SeaScope to concentrate on developing and using EM technology and help promote its use in fisheries research and compliance. SeaScope have been instrumental in trialling EM on small inshore shellfish vessels in Scotland and are working closely with WWF (UK) to help inform government of the benefits of EM and promote its use in managing fisheries.
    Jorgen Dalskov
    DTU Aqua
    Jorgen Dalskov is senior fishery adviser and head of the secretariat for Public Sector Consultancy at DTU Aqua, the National Institute for Aquatic Resources at the Technical University of Denmark. In 2008 he started trials using remote electronic monitoring in Danish fisheries which lead to trials in other EU Member States. In addition, Jørgen is assigned as the Danish National Correspondent for the EU Fisheries Data Collection Framework.
    Tomas Galan
    Tomás Galan
    R&D Department
    Tel. +34 91 327 21 31
    Tomás Galán holds Masters degrees in Telecommunication Engineering from the Universidad CEU San Pablo. Tomás joined Satlink in 2012 and is now the Research and Development Manager for the SeaTube EM system. He now leads the design of the EM solution and spends time improving the performance of the 3rd generation system while working on ways to reduce observer analysis time and system costs.
    Gabriel Gomez
    Gabriel Gomez
    +34 986 36 63 60
    General Manager for Marine Instruments. With more than 20 years of professional engineering experience, Gabriel has held director or GM level positions during the last nine years. As the GM of Marine Instruments Gabriel´s focus is to reach the next level — developing a shared vision and a strong culture, systemic processes, and streamed operations. Special emphasis is on dedicating internal resources on real customer needs, and developing strategies to enter new vertical markets that require specialized electronics for rugged environments. Gabriel has worked in Ireland, Germany, China and Spain, and is fluent in English, Spanish, Basque and German. Mr. Gomez holds degrees in Business Administration MBA, MSc in Electrical Engineering, and BS in Industrial Engineering.
    Oscar Gonzalez Suarez
    MC Oscar Gonzalez
    +34 986 36 63 60
    Project Manager for Electronic Monitoring at Marine Instruments. Master of Engineering in Telecommunications/Electronics. With over 12 years’ experience designing electronic equipment, Oscar has a wide experience in cellular networks, radiofrequency systems design and railway signaling, control and protection systems like ETCS EuroLoop. Oscar is also the Marine Instruments EM operations manager and quality inspector for EM installations around the world.
    Gret Hammann
    Greg Hammann, PhD
    Director, Strategic Business Development
    Mvl: +1-703-309-3738 (USA)
    Tel: +34-986 366 360 (SPAIN)
    Greg supports the global EM strategy for Marine Instruments as an equipment manufacturer working to integrate an optimal balance of technology, cost, data quality, and security, to support fishing sustainability. Over 30 years’ experience with the international commercial fishing industry, fishing oceanography and remote sensing science and technology. Dr. Hammann earned a Ph.D. at George Mason University with a concentration in Satellite Remote Sensing, and carried out doctoral studies at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Earned a MS degree In Biological Oceanography from Oregon State University, and a BA in biology from Whittier College. Had the honor of being a fisheries observer in the foreign fleet operating in the Gulf of Alaska and Bering Sea in the late ‘70’s, and learned the compliance and science data collection aspects of fisheries monitoring.
    Gonzalo Legorburu
    Gonzalo Legorburu Marcos
    Digital Observer Services
    Tel: +34 94 436 17 10
    Gonzalo Legorburu is manager of Digital Observer Services (DOS), a consultancy based in Spain that specializes in EM services. Previously he worked for over 10 years for the Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission collecting data on-board purse seine vessels in the Eastern Pacific. Since 2014, Gonzalo has been involved in several EM viability studies and implementations using Satlink’s SeaTube EM system in the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans. He and his team also train observers to implement EM technology.

    Kristian Plet-Hansen
    DTU Aqua
    +45 21485009
    Kristian Plet-Hansen is a PhD student at DTU Aqua, the National Institute for Aquatic Resources at the Technical University of Denmark. His work involve the use of remote electronic monitoring data collected in the Danish fisheries and grading machine data collected by the fishing industry itself.

    Initially, his experience with remote electronic monitoring and video footage in the fisheries began in 2011, where he started as a video auditor in the Danish Cod Catch Quota Management trial.
    Glenn Quelch is a well-known fisheries professional with over 35 years of experience in the field. He began his career as a small-boat fisherman in 1980 at the age of 15. Since then he has worked at fishing using various types of gear, has been an international fisheries observer and fishery officer in the Northwest Atlantic, Southern Ocean and Indian Ocean. Glenn has three University qualifications from Plymouth University and Oregon State University (E-Campus) in the field of fisheries, to the Master’s degree level. A co-editor of the observer book ‘Eyes on the Seas’ along with the late Keith Davis and Anik Clemens, Glenn has been working in Europe since 2002 in fisheries management, monitoring, control and surveillance. He currently works in the European Fisheries Control Agency based in Vigo, Spain.

    Mogens Schou
    +45 22610575
    Skype m_schou
    Mogens Schou is partner in AquaMind, advising on fisheries management. In his capacity of the ministers adviser he designed the political, legal and operational basis for large scale REM trials in EU and Danish regulations 2008-2016. The principle of full catch accountability is now a cornerstone of the reformed CFP (Common Fisheries Policy), and results based management (managing catches not methods) is evolving from that. His main interest is to develop REM based on the needs of management and to re-define management and biological advice to take account of the new opportunities offered by fully documented fisheries and real-time, high resolution data from commercial fishing.
    Faustino Velasco
    Faustino Velasco
    Satlink CEO
    Tel: +34 91 327 21 31
    Faustino Velasco founded Satlink in 1992 and serves as the company’s CEO. He has actively participated in the development of the Satlink EM system and has over fifteen years of experience developing vessel management systems for multiple fishing authorities. To further develop the most technically advanced EM system for improving sustainable fishing practices, Satlink works closely with regional authorities, domestic and foreign fishing associations and with commercial fishing companies in more than 50 countries.