Practitioners in Gulf of Mexico

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    Eric Brazer
    Gulf of Mexico Reef Fish Shareholders' Alliance
    As Deputy Director of the Gulf of Mexico Reef Fish Shareholders’ Alliance , Eric works closely with commercial fishermen and quota shareholders to promote fishery stewardship. Members of the Alliance installed EM in 2011 as a pilot project and have been working to promote its use ever since. They also developed Gulf Wild – a brand and traceability program that is currently exploring opportunities to incorporate EM into its program.
    Ken Brennan
    NOAA Fisheries Southeast Fisheries Science Center
    Ken is the Coordinator of the Southeast Region Headboat Survey (SRHS), based in Beaufort, NC. The SRHS started in the South Atlantic in 1972 and 1986 in the Gulf of Mexico. SRHS started collecting logbook data electronically in 2013. Headboat captains now have the ability to submit trip reports through a secure website and mobile app by using their personal computers, tablets, or smart phones.
    David Gloeckner
    NOAA Fisheries Southeast Fisheries Science Center
    Dr. Gloeckner is the chief of the Fisheries Monitoring Branch at the Southeast Fisheries Science Center in Miami, FL. The Monitoring Branch is responsible for receiving and entering logbooks from vessels permitted for coastal fisheries in the US South Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico and HMS trips from vessels fishing in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico. The Branch is also responsible for monitoring over 60 Annual Catch Limits (ACLs) for species ranging from NY to TX. Additionally, Dr. Gloeckner is currently investigating the use of electronic logbooks to replace the current paper logs in use in the SE coastal and HMS fisheries along the Atlantic.
    Scott Hickman
    Circle H Outfitters and Charters
    Scott is a 30 year owner operator of a federally permitted Charter For Hire business. He participates actively in the Council process, serving on advisory panels and as Vice Chair of the ad-hoc Red Snapper IFQ AP.

    Daniel E. Roberts, Jr.
    Research Scientist
    WaterInterface LLC
    Daniel is owner and chief scientist for WaterInterface LLC, a subcontractor to federally and privately funded marine fishery science and technology enhancement studies. These include fishery monitoring of the Gulf of Mexico reef fish fishery in Florida, where his focus has been on installation and maintenance of ship-board cameras, data storage equipment and operational sensors, as well as liaison with owners, operators, captains, and crew. Most recently he has focused on thematic mapping, spatial analysis, and modeling of CPUE and other data acquired from vessels involved in testing EM. Results of this work have been reported to the Environmental Defense Fund and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.
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    Jessica Stephen
    NMFS Southeast Regional Office
    Jessica is the Branch Chief of the Limited Access Privilege Programs Data Management Branch at NMFS's Southeast Regional Office. Her team analyzes data in support of fishery management in the Gulf, South Atlantic and Caribbean. She oversees catch share programs throughout the Southeast Region that rely heavily on EM & ER, such as vessel monitoring systems and an online data collection system for tracking allocation, share transfers, and landing transactions.
    Greg Stunz, PhD
    Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies
    Texas A & M
    Greg holds the Endowed Chair of Fisheries and Ocean Health at the Harte Institute. Recently, his program has focused on smartphone tech to collect and report catch data. His team developed the 'iSnapper" that has been piloted in the GOM red snapper recreational and charter-for-hire fishery.