2014 Survey of Southeast Region (South Atlantic & Gulf Councils) Updates

  • Since the National EM Workshop:

    • Final rules were published in December 2013 (South Atlantic) and February 2014 (Gulf of Mexico) requiring headboats to submit weekly electronic logbooks.  Previously headboats were required to submit paper-based logbooks on a monthly basis.  For more information go to:


    • A final rule was published in April 2014 requiring seafood dealers in the Gulf of Mexico and South Atlantic to report purchases of federally managed species on a weekly basis.  These new reporting requirements will become effective on August 7, 2014. More information is available here.


    • In March/April 2014, the Gulf and South Atlantic Councils formed a Technical Subcommittee to begin development of electronic reporting requirements for charter vessels.  The Committee’s charge is to develop for Council consideration by December 1, 2014, an electronic reporting system for charter vessels. The technical subcommittee met May 27-28, 2014 to discuss and begin drafting recommendations to the Council.  Results of the Subcommittee meeting were presented at the June 2014 Gulf and South Atlantic Council meetings.  The Subcommittee will be reconvened later this summer to review input from the Councils.  Here is a summary report of the first meeting: Gulf and South Atlantic Council Technical Submittee summary


    • Lastly, NOAA Fisheries and the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council are pilot testing a catch-share management system for headboats through a two-year pilot program.  The program was approved late last year through an exempted fishing permit and allocates a percentage of the red snapper and gag recreational quotas to 17 Gulf of Mexico headboats. The Gulf Headboat Collaborative distributed the quota among the participating vessels. Participating headboats are exempt from seasonal closures. Participating vessels must have a vessel monitoring system, report trip activity (hail in/hail out), and submit electronic logbooks on a daily basis. More information on the program is available here!