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Video: Electronic Monitoring Policy Development

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Published September 12, 2018

This is a presentation by Brett Alger, NOAA’s National Electronic Technologies Coordinator, at the September 2018 meeting of the Pacific Fishery Management Council. Unfortunately the audio is faint in this presentation, so headphones are recommended for listening.

Brett’s PowerPoint for following along is available here .

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Innovative Camera Systems Applications for Electronic Monitoring

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Published June 11, 2016

Innovative Camera Applications for Electronic Monitoring_Wallace, et al., 2015


Electronic monitoring has been shown to be an effective tool to meet a variety of fisheries monitoring objectives in compliance-based pro­grams. However, these systems have not been effective in delivering individual fish data similar to information collected by an observer.

Development of new camera-based systems, methods, and tools is critical for collecting scientific data to inform management. A camera system being developed at the Alaska Fisheries Science Center greatly improves the functionality and addresses many of the limitations of electronic monitoring systems. This system provides the ability to automatically collect length measurements in addition to monitoring for compliance. System capacity to identify and automatically capture high quality (HD) stereo images of catch events, for efficient identification of… Read More »

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